Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 - Regulations & Guidance



Regulations (statutory instruments) are secondary legislation to be used where more detail or prescription is needed in implementing an Act. They are necessarily detailed and legal in form. 

Below is a list of regulations made under the individual parts of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014. Each regulation is hyperlinked to the original parliamentary source. At the foot of each section is a link to codes of practice for that element of the Act and Regulation/s. Where we indicate [see more detail] we have an additional page dedicated to the Regulations with additional depth and including explanatory notes.


Part 2 – General Functions


Part 3 – Assessing the Needs of Individuals


Part 4 – Meeting Needs


Part 5 – Charging and Financial Assessment


Part 6 – Looked After and Accommodated Children  [see more detail]


Part 7 – Safeguarding  [see more detail]


Part 8 - Social Services Functions

These regulations set out the requirements for Annual Reports that local authorities must complete in respect of their social services functions. The regulations came into force on 4 September 2017.

Download the guidance associated with these Regulations.

Download the template associated with these Regulations.


Part 9 – Co-operation and Partnership


Part 10 - Complaints, Representations and Advocacy Services  [see more detail]


Part 11 – Miscellaneous and General


Related regulations

These regulations make amendments to the Special Guardianship (Wales) Regulations 2005 in respect of matters to be included in local authority reports to the court and provisions of special guardianship support services to former looked after children living in another local authority area. They came into force on 2 July 2018.


Consequential regulations

These regulations amend primary legislation that currently underpins the provision of care and support for people, and support for carers, in Wales.

These regulations make further minor amendments to primary legislation.

Commencement Order

This order was signed by the Minister for Health and Social Services on 19 March 2016 and brought the Act into force on 6 April 2016.




See also; Children and Social Work Act 2017 since in part it extends and applies in Wales


Referencing:  Regulations (statutory instruments) enable provisions contained within Acts of Parliament to be brought into force without the need for a new Act. The SI abbreviation (in most of the cases on this page; WSI) indicating Welsh statutory instrument and a corresponding number are used when referencing them. eg. The Care Leavers (Wales) Regulations 2015. WSI 2015/1820 (W.262) would be the entry in the reference list with (The Care Leavers (Wales) Regulations 2015) in the text. Visit the links above to find out the WSI number. Welsh statutory instruments are available in the medium of Welsh and so the reference in Welsh for the current example is Rheoliadau Ymadawyr Gofal (Cymru) 2015. WSI 2015/1820 (Cy.262)


Guidance and regulations are updated as the Acts of parliament upon which they are based are amended (revised) or new legislation is enacted. The links we provide are to the official and therefore latest source yet we advise that for any legal purposes the reader consults professional advice and the resource. E&EO. Print copies are available on the website - follow the links and select print options.




Crown copyright material is reproduced here under the Open Government Licence for public sector information.

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